The past few weeks have been busy for Bryan, not so busy for me. He’s taking his mid-term tonight, finishing up the class on Friday, turning in the final paper and witnessing reports the Friday after that. I’m so proud of how outspoken he has already become about his faith, and simultaneously convicted of how seldom and how falteringly I share mine.

This summer it has felt like God is pushing him (and therefore, us) more and more towards missions. The two classes he’s taken were both two classes he was not signed up to take but were, through “coincidence” and persuasion of classmates and teachers, what he ended up with. As of now, we don’t see that as going overseas–at least not directly after graduation–but there’s the possibility of an opportunity (so completely not settled on that I hesitate to even call it an “opportunity” as of yet) that has recently come open in his hometown that I think will be what ends up working out for us.

Its amazing how much change God can work on us even when nothing really new or exciting is going on. Changes in attitude, ambitions, hopes…

And still, I’m excited as always about what God has planned for our future.


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