DIY Anthropologie Inspired Necklace

Anthropologie’s Akela Necklace, $38

my knock-off version

This is my first sewing project! It was pretty simple (and fun) to make. I made mine a lot shorter and less ruffly than the anthro version… a toned-down version for the office (ok, so i wear some bright colors in the office, haha)…though I’m debating on adding some more ruffle to it…hmm…

With all my upcoming sewing projects, I’m wondering if maybe I should start an etsy or something, where people can custom order things like this…choose their own color and rufflieness, I suppose. But, I’m not sure if anyone would buy anything like this…or how much I should even charge. Maybe I should just subject my family and friends to more homemade birthday / christmas presents? I’m going to do some more research and think it over!

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