autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts

We’ve had a lovely start to our October. Friday we went to a marriage seminar at our church; Danny Akin, president of SEBTS and our pastor’s father, shared his wisdom on what makes a marriage long, happy, lasting. It was good, a confirmation–always nice to know you’re heading on the right path. Saturday we went to Toast for breakfast, with Missy and Tom; Bryan had huge fluffy blueberry pancakes and I had a bacon and egg sandwich, delicious hashbrown casserole on the side (their secret is ritz crackers in the casserole–I’m itching to try that one at home!). Bryan left for work at the library, so I went with Missy, Stephanie and Daniel to the St. James art fair, not to buy just to browse, since most anything there costs $100 and up. After Bryan got off work, we went out for dinner with Stephanie and Daniel then called it a night. Sunday morning worship was great this week, but I started feeling sick halfway through the service, so we stayed home that afternoon and evening, watching netflix (The Princess Bride) and eating popcorn and relaxing with my head in bryan’s lap and his hands running through my hair. I’m feeling much better today–I think it was a mix of pulling a muscle in aerobics last week, allergies, and the severe changes in the weather. Sometimes I think I would’ve done well as a Victorian lady–prone to fainting, sensitive to the changes in the weather. This week is going to be a big week. I hope I’m up for it.


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