a poetry reading, craft fair, & quiet sunday

This weekend was a blur!

Friday was my reading and, despite my misgivings, it went very well! I think it is the best I have ever read–no fainting, no hives, no endless rambling banter between poems. Bryan said I looked calm & collected the entire time; I was nervous, but I wasn’t trembling like usual. It was a little weird using a microphone though…some little old lady in the crowd mouthed “speak up” to me during the first poem, since I wasn’t close enough to the mic, haha! My parents came, so we went to Irish Rover afterwords and had such a good time catching up!

Saturday I went to the craft fair in Frankfort with Missy and set up a little booth:

It was early so I look a little grungy in that picture–oh well! Anyways, I just about sold out of fabric necklaces and sold a few beaded ones as well, making about $70, which isn’t too bad, much more than I’ve made on my online store so far. I wish there had been more people there though! Frankfort had 4 or 5 different events going on that day so I don’t think we got the crowd they had last year. We moved our booths outside in the beautiful weather but something about sitting out in the sun is really draining, and I was ready for a nap by the time we got home.

Sunday Bryan and I went to church then hung out at home–he’s got mid-terms again this week so he had to study, and I tried out a few new recipes (chowder, yummm) and read the Real Simple magazines I got from the seminary thrift store and did housework and took a nap. It was nice, I love Sundays!

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