.:. November Challenges: 30poems30days & NoSpendNovember .:.

From November 1 to November 30, I will be writing a poem every day! Heather is also participating in this madness, which will be great for accountability and also more fun that way. The poems don’t have to be Perfect, the point is just to get 30 poems Written in a month.

I’m excited about this–its a great challenge to stretch myself as a writer, free up any writing inhibitions or holdings-back that I may have, and to get a decent body of work completed in a short amount of time. Normally I am a one-poem-per-week type of girl (30 poems is a little more than 6 months work for me, typically!), so this accelerated writing pace will Not at all be easy!


Bryan and I are also participating in No-Spend-November! (I like challenges, can you tell?)

We’re limiting our spending to necessities (groceries and gas) only–no going out to eat (unless its a special event with friends), no buying things. We don’t Have to do this, our finances are ok, we just thought it would make December a lot easier on our budget and maybe help us add a little to our savings. Also I just finished reading Radical, which got me to thinking about how much do we Really need. Bryan and I don’t spend a lot monthly anyway–our biggest spending problem is buying little inexpensive things we don’t need without even thinking about it. Hopefully a month of restricted spending like this will help us to think more about what we spend our money on and to be good stewards of what God has given us.


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