around the house

So…I went on a decorating-frenzy this weekend. Too much time on my hands. Too many poems to procrastinate writing…Too much access to a glue-gun…

{Project 1}
I made this for the kitchen, for fridge-picture-overflow:

I think our kitchen needed a little something on the wall there. Plus the fabric is really fun–I just bought a quarter of fabric, glued it to the back, then glued some ribbon on, not a hard project at all!

Close-up of the fabric–birds, swirls, flowers!

{Project 2}
And…couldn’t resist making a wreath for the inside of the house! I wanted to resist, I KNOW wreaths are not practical for us since we’ll be moving this year, but Oh well. I figure I can just gift it to my neighbor if it looks like it will be destroyed upon moving:

 I filled it out a bit more later, so its fluffier in real life than in this picture. I had an old book leftover from a previous book-page-crafting project (which I also changeda a little this weekend–it was sort of plain, so I added a cute little bird graphic to it) and thought it’d be a shame to let all the pages just go to waste.

{Project 3}
I also finally got a hook for our front door. We’re not decorating for Christmas this year, since we’ll be out of town, but I thought hanging a little ornament on the door would be a bit festive:

I like birds. I might just leave it up all year. And, I thought, while I’m at it, I’d post a picture of the cute new welcome mat I got for the apartment a few months ago:

I guess its a little autumn-ish, but I love the leaves and yellow and it makes me so happy everytime I see it! I suppose I’ll just disregard the seasons and decorate as I like!

Ok. I think our house is decorated-out for now. 

2 thoughts on “around the house”

  1. Wow, I LOVE the photo frame you made!! Where'd you find such a gorgeous frame?? Is it really easy to make? I might have to try one of those after the holidays…


  2. thanks! I already had the frame, I used it as a mirror while we were at Union and I just hadn't had any use for another mirror in our apartment, so I figured I'd use the frame for something else =)

    you should give it a try, its really not hard at all!



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