Wednesday  Bryan and I battled the holiday traffic to make our way to my parent’s place. Collapsed into bed, exhausted. Seems the traffic was worse than usual this year–or we just don’t remember it well from last year!


 I got to spend some time with my sisters in the morning
 We had a 3:00 thanksgiving–my MawMaw, Uncle Kenny and Aunt Brenda came in from out of town, and my cousins came over too

 Wallie has always been a lovey kitty but he was overboard this year. He was constantly either in someone’s arms or in their lap. He’s such a sweetie! I miss having cats!

 The food, of course, was awesome. My family can cook! The sweetpotatoe casserole was my favorite. And my aunts sausage bread was Amazing, I’m going to make it the next chance I get!

After dinner we had a yahtzee and RummyQ tournament, as is our tradition, and Karen won this year but there were lots of “fabulous prizes” (as my mom likes to say) for others. I won nothing (I was wandering around talking to everyone the whole time, not even enough attention span for yahtzee!) but Bryan won a star wars t-shirt, which was awesome.

Friday I got to have coffee with my dear friend Ruthann. Then my family watched Scott Pilgrim together (Bryan and I are obsessed with this movie, but my family was baffled by it), then we headed over to see Bryan’s family. Next time I’ll try to take pictures when we’re over there, I always forget!

Saturday We said goodbye to Bryan’s brother and sister-in-law and our nephew (who is such a cutie). Bryan had some meetings with a local church. It was exactly what we had prayed to find out–not a no exactly, more of a situation where they won’t actually have a church built by the time Bryan graduates. Which is fine. and good grief, its a relief! I would’ve moved there–I would move anywhere, truly–but it wasn’t what I’m hoping for.

ALSO, it was the first day of the 25 Days of Bryan!!

This year, for Bryan’s present, I am going to give him one surprise gift every day until his 25th Birthday. He is Loving this, to the say the least! Some of the gifts are small–like his favorite candy or a neck rub–and some are bigger. Its been fun plotting out what I’ll give him each day.

Sunday the long drive home and back to our regular lives. It wasn’t as sad to leave as it sometimes is, since we’ll be seeing both of our families so much this month. Its getting back to our regular schedules that is the difficulty…

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