a desperately important shirt

Can I just say, my husband is THE AWESOMEST HUSBAND EVER?

Being a seminary couple, we are a very limited budget. Most of my clothes are things that my friends and sisters didn’t want anymore and passed down to me, from the free seminary thriftstore, or from Target’s clearance rack.

I do dream though. I often peruse Anthropologie, Ruche, and Francesca’s websites, picking out wishlists of things I’ll never feel right about buying for myself.

Is a shirt really EVER worth $328? Is it EVER? I just can’t justify spending that much on an item of clothing.

So even though I’d been wanting the Three Rivers Top from Anthropologie for an AGE, I wasn’t going to buy it at 50% off or even 75% off, just sat there looking at it, whistfully

Until my amazing amazing husband saw this gazing/sighing and was like “come on, it is only $29!!” and bought it for me for an early Christmas present!?!?!!!

Now I have this lovely shirt coming to me in the mail:

$29 still feels like a little too much to me–usually $20 is my Absolute limit! and $10 is my preferred amount to spend—or, honestly, Free is my preferred amount to spend……

but B. insisted! and who was I to refuse a gift from my darling husband?

2 thoughts on “a desperately important shirt”

  1. gray is in? awesome! i must subconsciously have a feeling for trends because i've been Really loving gray lately! i want to learn how to knit so i can knit a fabulous dark gray throw blanket for our bed this winter


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