the day before the day before a three day weekend

Thursday and I have already checked out. I’ve got 3-day-weekend on the brain. 1. easily distracted & 2. mildly bored. thinking of perhaps planning something exciting to do later in the month with B.–maybe explore a new area of the city, or visit another city, or something spontaneous to liven up the dark&dreary winter? not sure…but feeling rather humdrum. and cold! good night its cold out there. i guess things do get monotonous when the day is spent entirely either in the office or in the apartment, or quickly scurrying between the two.


speaking of distracted….

a few blogs I am loving right now:


oh and all this internet-ness? due to not having any books. well except for two excellent books that I am currently reading: Paper Anniversary by Bobby C. Rogers (my former professor) and Bone Fires by Mark Jarman. (P.S. Paper Anniversary is better.) I like to also  read a novel though, somewhere in the mix, and I have no novels at the moment because the library Lost my weekly on-hold items?! they know name….because i go there way too much?…so it was a sad-day. they offered to call me when they find them but i figure i’ll just go back on Saturday when the head librarian guy is there and i’m sure he’ll know where they are. What I’m waiting for: 9 Steps to Beautiful Living, Women Writers At Work, Orlando (Woolf), If You Want to Write (Ueland). of course, working at a seminary, i do have the option of (re)visiting the seminary library…which i’ve been contemplating doing all day. except it means going out in the cold. eventually my desire for the books will overcome my disdain of the cold and i’ll make the trip out there.


speaking of the library….
the more bored i am, the less shame i have. the other day i tried very hard to convince the librarian to give me (or even sell me) one of their card catalogs. i really want one. i mean, I REALLY REALLY want one! B. says, what will you put in it? the drawers are tiny! where would we put it, our apartment is tiny! and i say “does it matter?”

no, it doesn’t. look at how beautiful:

things would work out, i believe it.

2 thoughts on “the day before the day before a three day weekend”

  1. I never thought about card catalog drawers as furniture…that's an awesome idea! Will they sell you one? They should…that would be cool!

    I didn't get your package together yet, so I can add some more books to it if you like! I am planning to mail it either Saturday or Monday (my lunch break is taken up tomorrow with Friday writing lunch, so no post office). If you want some free novels, let me know. 🙂 I can send you another handful!


  2. They probably won't lol I had to email one of the head librarian guys about it since they didn't really know… But it would be grat if they did!

    Definitely send on more books! I'm reading like crazy right now



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