an assortment of thoughts:


currently reading Jacob’s Room by Virginia Woolf. one of my new year’s resolutions was to finish all of her books, and this book is my half-way point. 5 down, 5 to go! her books are always well-written and artistic, but sometimes very difficult (The Waves) or too Much to be enjoyable (Orlando). I’m not loving Jacob’s Room–the writing is beautiful, truly beautiful, but it is hard to connect with the book. luckily, its only 175 pages, so I should finish it soon


i made these chicken croissant things (as i’d planned) and they were indeed very good. B. loved them. i’m starting to think that you can wrap just about anything in a croissant and it’ll turn out ok…


so far this month, i’ve written five poems (2 each week for 2 weeks, then one terrible poem and probably nothing this week, unless i am lucky and get inspired), sent my manuscript to two publishers, and some poems to five literary magazines.

one such magazine that i would love to publish in but has told me “almost but not quite” two times now told me (again! agony!) my poems are “compelling” but need “trimming.” so today i plan to trim them, like little hedges. the fancy kind, that are shaped like animals.


oh and i’ve also not left my manuscript alone like i’m supposed to. honestly..its sort of calming to work on my manuscript–editing on my laptop, to my hearts content, rearranging, adding and taking out poems, thinking about Just Poetry for hours at a time. i like it too much. thats why i don’t think i’ll leave that thing alone until it is printed & bound (if that day ever comes).


I’ve been really wanting to make a pilgrimage to Ikea lately. when we were in boston, B and I would go there all the time. its fun to browse, is more affordable than most furniture stores, and they have good food. good Swedish food.

::Ikea Cuteness::

Gislev Rug, $19 I love Gray right now, particularly mixed with white and yellow…
Pretty leaf curtains.. Stockhom Blad, $59
pretty organization–magazine files, $2.99 for a pack of four (crazy cheap!)

i love this dresser. it doesn’t really go with any color scheme i’ve dreamed up for my future-home, but its just plain pretty. $299


i would love a snow day today, but the weather is being uncooperative.  we’re supposed to get 5 inches (which is alot, for here) this afternoon…but since i walk to work, i don’t think there will be any need for me to go home early, no matter what happens. still, i’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll close. i’d like to spend the day on the couch, reading old issues of Real Simple and watching HGTV and taking long naps. lofty, lofty pursuits.


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