7 (?) weeks

Erin has this cute survey she’s done throughout her pregnancy that I’ve been plotting to steal and use for myself for some time now, while the pregnancy was still secret…but now that its not, here’s my first pregnancy-survey-post!


Baby’s size? We think I am about 7 weeks now, which would mean the baby is the size of a blueberry!

(P.S.– i know i’m driving people crazy by not knowing my due date–perhaps this is TMI, but I skipped in December, so we don’t know if i was already pregnant at that point–despite the 5 negative pregnancy tests–or if i got pregnant later, closer to when I got my first positive, January 12th)

Weight Gain? Not yet! My father in law (an ob/gyn) says “there’s no reason to gain any weight yet” so I’m trying to stick to that advice. I’m planning to start going to aerobics again this week, if I can get my morning sickness under control, or, if nothing else, at least going walking a few times.

 my cookie-belly at 7(or so) weeks! not showing yet!

Stretch marks? Heck no! I’m not showing yet, its too early

Belly button in or out? It would be really weird if my belly button was out at this stage. I guess it would be weird no matter what though! hopefully that won’t happen.

Sleep? I wake up a lot at night, but I’ve been sleeping a lot lately–a little nap at lunch and after work helps.

Foods I am loving? Some cravings for mexican food, but that’s not too unusual.

Foods I am hating? Nothing and everything–it seems with almost every meal, I’ll be halfway through eating something when I decide its disgusting.

Best moment this week? telling Everyone! its been so much fun sharing our joy with the world–I think I get more excited with each person I tell!

Movement? Too early!

Symptoms? Tired, sore, heightened sense of smell, emotional, teenager-skin, and feeling like I’m going to faint on and off throughout the day. And is it too early for nesting? Cause I’ve been going through a major cleaning/organizing frenzy…well, its more thoughts than actual actions, since I don’t have the energy to follow up.

What I miss? My energy! I have been really dragging the past few weeks, which has made it hard to keep up with things at work and housework at home. Luckily i have an AMAZING husband who doesn’t mind helping out!

What I will miss? I suspect that I’ll miss being the size I am now, since I haven’t gotten ginormous yet

What I’m looking forward to? the first doctor’s appointment! Seriously, I’ve been counting down the hours. I’m so nervous about it–doctors make me nervous anyway–but also so excited. I can’t wait to find out how far along I am exactly, to possibly hear the heartbeat, and to see our baby for the first time!

Emotions: Happy, excited, sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes unspeakably joyful. I’ve been such a crier lately! It cracks B. up, since I cry at just about anything/everything…I can’t help it, I just feel very strongly about everything right now! I’m definitely going to have to start carrying some kleenex around in my purse though, I cried three times before noon this morning (1. an anti-abortion video in church, 2. the part of the sermon where our pastor talked about how a dad should treat his daughter, 3. a toddler waved at us in Moe’s)

2 thoughts on “7 (?) weeks”

  1. Aww, I love that you cried when a toddler waved at you at Moe's! Hehe. It has been ridiculous how things have affected me emotionally; I always thought that was exaggerated a lot on TV (and it probably still is), but sometimes I have felt slightly crazy at how easily I can get upset/cry over something!

    That is a conundrum about your due date. I took a pregnancy test right after my first missed period, and it was positive, so it may just be that December was a fluke with you skipping and you weren't pregnant then, or maybe the HCG wasn't strong enough in your system yet. It would be driving me nuts if I didn't know how far long I was either, so just try and hang in there until your appointment.

    It's so fun to read this! I can't wait to follow your journey!



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