Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

6 porkchops
salt and pepper
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp butter
1 white onion, sliced
2 apples, sliced
1 c chicken broth (or you can use white wine or cider)

1. trim the fat off the porkchops, and season both sides with salt and pepper. heat a large skillet over high heat, swirl in oil. Lay in the porkchops and let them sit a few minutes on each side, so that they are golden brown. Transfer porkchops to a warm plate.
2. Swirl butter in the pan, add onion and apples. Saute until the onion is carmelized and the apple has softened (about 8 minutes). Stir in the chicken broth, and return the porkchops to the pan.
3. Cook until the pork is tender, about 15 more minutes, turning halfway through and covering the porkchops with the apple/onion mixture. Serve the porkchops and apples/onions over rice or mashed potatoes


I got this recipe out of some magazine–I think Martha Stewart Living?–and it is So Good! I have been a really picky eater lately (see list) so I was happy to find something that I thought was Delicious!

The hardest part about my food aversions has been that I can’t eat chicken right now, since I normally cook something or other with chicken at least twice a week–not to mention B. and I eat at chick-fil-a all the time! At least right now beef and pork is still good (unless its barbecue) so I can get some protein that way.  I’m planning to make some homemade beef stew sometime soon, since that sounds good. Its been a little difficult to meal plan this month like I normally would, since sometimes I will crave something, take a few bites of it, then decide that it is disgusting (like the cake and the barbecue). I’ve found myself craving things made a certain Way too…like I didn’t just want barbecue, I wanted my mom’s barbecue with my hometown barbecue sauce. And I’m really craving these gross little canned hot tamales my dad used to eat all the time when I was growing up

 I could really go for a can of those right now. With a bunch of ketchup!! MMM!! I could eat that right now, and its only 9:15 in the morning–Breakfast, anyone? Sadly, I couldn’t find these at the grocery store I normally shop at. I might have to hunt them down.


my current and growing list of things that make me sick:
spaghetti or anything with long noodles
plain white rice (fried rice is ok)
eggs in any form
chicken in any form
cake (especially vanilla)
alfredo sauce
salsa ? (this one I am iffy on, I can eat it a little bit)

Anyways! Sorry for that huge tangent. I think about food a lot lately–either its making me really sick, or I’m really really hungry, there is no in between.

All that to say, this recipe is really good, and I think you should try it!

6 thoughts on “Pork Chops with Apples and Onions”

  1. Bahaha, those tamales look…interesting… 😉 But hey, whatever works! My just-regular-everyday craving is usually Cheetos…the puffy kind…haha. I haven't eaten them in probably over a year, but man, they are tasty. 😉 So…don't feel bad if you have strange little cravings…I mean, you're pregnant. It's allowed! 😉

    Also try to eat lots of peanut butter if you can stand it…that's another good way to get protein. I keep a jar of peanuts in my desk at work and eat a handful whenever I'm feeling weak and shaky (just from my hypoglycemia/low blood sugar).

    Those porkchops sound good! I've tried to make porkchops once before and I just don't cook porkchops/steak very well, so I stick with beef/chicken. But maybe with your new coffee steak and porkchop recipes, I can attempt success… 🙂


  2. I thought about eating a pb&j the other day, I'll give that a shot :). I'm trying to eat more well- rounded meals this week instead of just eating a grapefruit or piece of bread and counting that as a meal lol

    Definitely give these a try– I've never been great at cooking meat until I started using simple recipes and methods like those, it really makes such a difference!


  3. This looks really good! I”ll have to try it. I've made Porkchops with Apples and Kraut but Brandon was not a fan of the Kraut so this would be a good one to try. We eat a lot of pork chops so I'm always looking for a new way to fix them! 🙂


  4. Hahaha, I didn't even know those canned tamales existed! How sad you don't like chicken right now (or cake!). I wish I had had an aversion to cake; I might have gained less weight that way. 🙂

    I hope your sickness goes away soon.


  5. thanks, i hope it does too =( at least this week i get to go to the doctor and see how many weeks along I am–maybe it will be over when the first trimester is over! i'm crossing my fingers!



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