our first baby present

Yesterday we got our first ever baby present, thanks to heather, who is a more than wonderful friend and poet and one of my very favorite people! We hadn’t even bought anything ourselves–we’ve been sort of holding out until we hear the gender–so this was a welcome surprise!

I cried and cried when I saw this. Something about holding the tiny little thing made everything feel so real. I keep folding it and unfolding it and picking it up to look at it.

Thank you so much Heather!!

7 thoughts on “our first baby present”

  1. love it. and you will be happy that the baby fits into such tiny things when its time to give birth to it 🙂

    i was shopping for a few little outfits before rosie was born, and it was fall, headed to winter, right? and i kept being like “why are all these little outfits coming with shorts attached?! they'll be cold!” turns out, they were all pants, but babies legs are just that small. crazy.


  2. Congratulations on the new baby! How far along are you/when is the due date? How exciting! Having a baby is the best (well, not the labor and birth, but you get the picture…)


  3. Thanks Ashton! We think I am about 8 weeks, but we will find out for sure this Thursday when I go in for an ultrasound! We are very excited and feel so blessed!!



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