8 weeks!

{me at 8 weeks–not showing yet, but we’re planning to take pictures every week anyways–typical over-excited first time parents lol!}

Baby’s size?
like a little raspberry!

Weight Gain? not yet, I’ve lost 2lbs since I’ve been pregnant

Stretch marks? No!

Belly button in or out? In!

Sleep? I randomly become so tired that I can’t keep my eyes open (at any time during the day this can happen), so I’ve been taking naps here and there when I can. I don’t sleep through the night very well because I have to get up to use the bathroom like a billion times, its nuts!

Foods I am loving? Italian sausage with onions, hamburgers with avocado, homemade beef stew. Meat, Meat, Meat. I’ve become a total carnivore. Oh and potatoes are good. Especially with ketchup. YUM!!

Foods I am hating? Spaghetti, eggs, chicken, BBQ, pancakes, mayonnaise, salsa, noodles of any kind, white rice, homemade cake, garlic. I can’t even think about them right now. Ugh!

Best moment this week? Seeing our baby’s heartbeat during our first ultrasound. I cried when I saw that strong flicker on the screen! The doctor said the baby’s heartbeat is 162 bpm, which is strong and healthy! It was such a joyful special moment for us, I was so glad B. was able to be off of work/school to see it.

Movement? Not that I can feel, but the doctor says the baby is moving all around in there

Symptoms? Morning sickness, still, and tired. Lots of food aversions. Heightened sense of smell. Also, emotional and Very capricious, which luckily B. finds hilarious and not annoying!
What I miss? Not feeling sick, and having more energy.

What I will miss? Fitting into all my clothes, after my belly gets big lol

What I’m looking forward to? The baby bump! B. and i have literally been telling everyone we run across that i am pregnant–the day of the doctor’s appointment, we told everyone from the cashier at Target to our waiter at Red Lobster. We’re getting really good at working in the announcement lol But it would be easier if my belly made it obvious!

Emotions: Joyful! Content, so excited about our future. It is so wonderful to see how God will lead you to make a step like starting a family, and then immediately begin opening doors so that we will be provided for. The logical part of me would’ve thought it was better to wait a while, until B. graduates this December, but honestly, right now I can’t see a way that we Won’t be taken care of when the baby comes! New things are developing every week it seems, and I know God will make us able to provide for this new little life. God is so good!

3 thoughts on “8 weeks!”

  1. I'm sorry you're still dealing with morning sickness. 😦 The description of seeing the heartbeat for the first time sounds wonderfully amazing…I am so happy for you and Bryan!


  2. Aww, so sad to see your list of foods you can't stand is so long! Most people's morning sickness (or all-day sickness, really) goes away after the first trimester, so I hope that happens for you.

    It will be so fun when you start feeling the baby move; I didn't feel Charlotte move for a long time because my placenta was in the front and I think I have a thick abdomen, but I bet you will be able to feel her earlier on than I did because you're slender. It's just the most amazing feeling!


  3. ah its ok, bryan has been Way Awesome about the morning sickness, going out and getting me stuff and everything! i'm so lucky to have a patient husband!!

    i can't wait to feel the baby move, that will be so amazing!



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