11 weeks!

Baby’s size? About the size of a fig! baby is “kicking and stretching, and the tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet.”

{ 11weeks }

Weight Gain? Still 5lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m eating more this week though, since I’ve been sick a lot less, so I should start gaining soon.

and I went to Aerobics class BOTH TIMES this week! Victory!! I didn’t keep up with the same intensity of my pre-pregnancy workouts (my instructor advised me not to try unless I Wanted to get sick in the middle of class!), but it felt so good to be more active again. My goal is to keep going to aerobics 2x a week, and do this 9-month walking plan I found online. I don’t want to over-exert myself, so I figured this exercise schedule should be just enough to keep me and baby healthy!

Stretch marks? No!

Belly button in or out? In!

Sleep? Getting up to use the bathroom a lot, but mostly sleeping pretty well. B has had some major insomnia this week though.

Foods I am loving? BLTs (I love tomatoes right now), spinach, anything made out of potato, and more beef related products. I’m really trying to eat more fruits and veggies now, but I still have a lot of food aversions (smells have really been triggering the morning sickness lately) so its hard. I’m thinking about cheating and getting some V8 juice this week, those commercials are winning me over.

Foods I am hating? chicken, spaghetti, same old stuff. I can’t really eat strawberries now though, they smell weird to me.

Best moment this week? Tuesday I had a crazy burst of energy–I went to the library, the grocery store, AND made it through aerobics class! I was so proud of myself, its the most I’ve done in one day in weeks! I’ve had a few relapses since then, but for the most part I am on the upswing!

Also, Grandma M. sent this handmade cuteness for baby:

sharky bottle holder/warmer thing!
isn’t she crafty??

Movement? Not yet, that I can feel.

Symptoms? Morning sickness but not as constant as it was, and tired. I think that I should start feeling better and better in the next few weeks.

What I miss? My energy, I’ve still been very tired. I’ve also been more active though, so maybe that has something to do with it. 

What I will miss? My pretty spring skirts. I usually wear skirts the entire spring/summer rather than shorts ( its hard to find shorts that are modest enough ), but most of them aren’t going to fit me by the time the weather warms up enough to wear them!

What I’m looking forward to? Being completely done with Morning Sickness! Hopefully this will happen soon!

Emotions: Feeling sort of withdrawn/shy this week; maybe this has more to do with all the new people we’ve been meeting at church rather than pregnancy though. Also maybe a Little bit needy–I’ve been wanting lots of couple time and cuddling and love.

Also, I have a confession:
I’ve felt a little sad that we’re not going to have a “real” nursery. We rearranged the furniture this week to make room for the crib (and to move the bed closer to our window unit air conditioner–we don’t have central air conditioning in our apartment, and I’ve been so hot lately!), and I was looking at the little corner of the room where we’ll have the baby things and I just got so sad. You know, women always imagine having the perfect, cute nursery, and here we are with a tiny corner in our one bedroom, 500sq.ft. apartment.

Then I felt convicted–I have a coworker trying to adopt from overseas and a close friend who is preparing to go through the adoption process here, and I thought about how I would sound to them complaining about not having a fancy nursery or the baby having its own room when they are just wanting to have a baby, period! I had allowed myself to be influenced by our culture, thinking we needed all this decor and extra things for our baby when really all our baby needs is its Mommy and Daddy, and love!

Our little corner is going to be little, yes, but babies are pretty little too. God has never failed to provide for us everything that we Needed, and it is selfish of me to be sad that I don’t have the standard of living that the world says I should have. I was reminded this week that having a baby is not easy or even possible for everyone, and I have renewed gratefulness that God has blessed us with a baby! I am so thankful to be pregnant, bringing a new life into this world, and thankful that God is teaching me these lessons, preparing me to be a good mother for our little one.

3 thoughts on “11 weeks!”

  1. Renee, thank you for sharing your heart. I can understand how you would feel disappointed about not having a nursery; I would feel the same way. Like you said, babies are little and don't need a lot as long as they are loved, and I KNOW your baby will be loved!

    In general, we live in a society with more stuff than we'll ever need, and I think it's so wise of you to be reminded of God's faithfulness and provision. He knows our true needs so much better than we do!


  2. Wow, I admire your humble spirit Renee! I know what it's like to go through a miscarriage and what a baby so badly, just go through month after month to get another “negative” pregnancy test. When God blessed us with a “positive”, we were so thrilled. I have loved every single moment of being Breyten's mommy and he is 6 and1/2 months old now! Babies are such a blessing!


  3. It was a tough reminder– my coworker told me how they might not get the child they have been trying to adopt for another 6 months, if ever, and my heart just breaks for them!! God has given bryan and i a baby so easily, we are truly blessed! And i am just so excited to become a momma this year–Ah I can't wait to meet our LittleBit!



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