This week has been purely wonderful.

Beginning to feel better, I was able to go to aerobics class and go on walks, things that always make me feel more centered and relaxed. I love my walk to the library–it takes about 25-30 minutes, not too long, and I walk through the most lovely neighborhood, all old Victorians, scrolled and beautiful.

B and I went on an impromptu date last night, downtown (where we never go), for dinner since I was craving potato skins (and a side of mashed potatoes). It was fun to just pick up and go, and to get fancied up, and to people-watch, and to talk about everything.

Tonight I plan to cook like crazy. On the menu:

  • my favorite Shrimp and Tomato Chowder 
  • whole wheat and mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches
  • spinach salad with raspberry vinigrette dressing
  • a made-from-scratch blueberry cheesecake (for B, he’s been requesting it for a while now!) 
  • and a cherry pie (for me, I’ve been craving it all week!)

Not that we’ll eat the entire pie & cake (promise! lol). Now that I can cook without getting sick, I’ve finally felt like starting to get back in the kitchen. Plus, that chowder will satisfy my craving for TOMATO!

After a very slow month of writing, I wrote two poems this week! It feels so good to be creating again; I love the moment of being IN a poem, of the physical writing of it, of being in the action of doing exactly what God made me to do. Its bliss, pure happiness, I don’t know if I can properly describe it.

And it is March! I have fabulous plans for my birthday brewing. And the spring is rolling in gradually and tumultuously, and I can begin to shake the winter dust off of my spring dresses. And the forsythia turns the brightest and happiest yellow.

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