15 weeks!

Baby’s size? our baby is the size of an Apple now! Its hard to believe that just 10 weeks ago, Littlebit was as tiny as a sesame seed!

Weight Gain? no change!

Maternity clothes? yes! i could technically still squeeze into my normal jeans and such, but since i’ve been pregnant, i’ve felt very uncomfortable wearing anything that is very tight around my belly. and now my regular jeans really squunch my belly to pieces when i sit down in them! so i’m wearing some of my maternity pants / shorts that aren’t too big, though i’m mostly in regular tops right now.

I’ve slept pretty good this past week. I’ve also been really active though–I worked out every day this week!! its the first time I’ve done that since before I started getting morning sickness. 

Foods I am loving? I discovered over the past week that I can eat Chicken Again!!!!! As long as its chopped up and not in big chunks (still no chicfila, grossness!). I’m actually even Loving it right now..I discovered this when there were some leftover chicken salad sandwiches from an event we hosted this week. the sponsor told me they didn’t want them, so i was Going to just take them to the break room for whoever…but then i discovered that chicken salad sandwiches are actually the Only Thing i can eat right now, and they wouldn’t want my baby to starve, so it only makes sense for me to keep them all for myself, right? i took all 7 sandwiches home with me. then when those were gone i had KFC. yay chicken!

Foods I am hating? big chunks of anything…meat in general smells bad. oh and Absolutely nothing with any sweetness in the mornings!

Best moment this week? I heard the heartbeat again this Wednesday, at my doctor appointment! It was in the 160s again–I’ve got one consistent baby! and the doctor said that me and the baby are completely completely healthy, couldn’t be better. that is exactly what I was hoping to hear!

Symptoms? I was a little sick on Sunday and Very sick on Monday this week. I had been trying to eat these healthy breakfasts–a piece of fruit and water, or a granola bar and water–but I’m starting to think that I just can’t have anything with flavor in the morning. Mashed Potatoes go over well, as do crackers. So I’m just going to play it safe a few more weeks until the nausea (hopefully) completely disappears!

What I’m looking forward to? too many things to say!

Emotions: overall happy and content, but sometimes worry comes in one gigantic overwhelming wave, every once in a while. april’s approach makes summer feel so very close, and i’m getting antsy.


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