20 weeks! halfway there!

20 weeks, 3 days, more than halfway there actually. I can’t believe that its already halfway over–everything still feels so new! so much is new though–being pregnant is like being in a constant state of change. and i love it, despite all the crazy symptoms–hip pain morning sickness heartburn and all. i’m so excited to meet her, i have dreams about her all the time now. its wonderful to even be able to say “her” and to think about names and look at the too-tiny-seeming clothes i’ll wrap around her wiggly little body. and this weekend i’ll have my first mother’s day! i never would’ve thought it.

Baby’s size? as big as a Coconut! wow!

and you can tell it too–

5 weeks pregnant — i hope i can go down to this size again after the baby! BTW, Tina Fey wears this same sweater on 30 Rock like all the time. which makes me love it more.
19 weeks pregnant— and GROWING! i look bigger each week i think. sometimes i’ll be walking around campus and catch a glimpse of myself in a window or mirror and have to do a double-take! i can’t believe how big i am now, its so strange!


Weight Gain?  back up to my prepregnancy weight. i’ve been gaining just about a pound a week now, so i should finally get above my prepregnancy weight pretty soon.

Stretch Marks? not yet–hopefully not ever! dare to dream!

Sleep? not great lately, the hip pain has been bothering me (and i’ll admit, all the excitement around B’s many many interviews these past few weeks has me a little stressed). i’ve been meaning to drive out to walmart to pick up a body pillow but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Foods I am loving? Eggs and toast. i’m on a breakfast food kick.

Foods I am hating? walmart brand spaghetti sauce with mushrooms in it (used to love it, now i can’t stand it), yogurt of any kind. i can’t have anything sweet in the mornings, even if its just fruit.

Symptoms?  heartburn, hip/back pain when sleeping, and so tired!

Best moment this week? Feeling her KICK!! i didn’t expect to feel anything until Maybe next week, because of the anterior placenta, but i definitely felt her going crazy in there during Sunday morning worship at church. B was playing “Jesus Saves,” closing the service and at first i wasn’t sure What i was feeling, it felt almost like somersaults, but when she kept doing it i could tell it was little kicks! I’m not too surprised it happened during worship, everytime i Thought that i might feel a little flutter was either while B was practicing guitar or during worship band practice–i think we have a little music lover on our hands!

What I’m looking forward to? my next ultrasound, in a few weeks–i can’t wait to see how much she’s grown!

Emotions: over the moon about the baby, a little stressed/excited/whirlwind-of-emotion about life though–lots of changes coming up soonish. just holding on to my hat at the moment!

4 thoughts on “20 weeks! halfway there!”

  1. Hmm I wonder if I've felt little kicks and don't realize it yet! The somersault description is exactly like what I've been feeling for the past couple of weeks. The hip/back pain is crazy…I feel like an old woman!



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