23 weeks!

22 weeks

Baby’s size? a Papaya! 11 inches, and 1 lb, 2 ounces! the doctor said she is measuring in the 44th percentile, which is perfect!

Weight Gain?  3 lbs over my prepregnancy weight { i lost weight in the first trimester, hence this low number }

Sleep?  what sleep? this past week i have felt awful. i was up all night last night throwing up. i think this is more stress than pregnancy related.

Foods I am loving? mashed potatoes. i could eat them for every meal.

Foods I am hating?  yogurt.i had a terrible morning-sickness experience a few weeks ago with yogurt. once you have blueberry yogurt come out of your nose, you can’t go back. 

Best moment this week?  Tuesday, the entire day. we had an ultrasound in the morning, and she was sucking her thumb and kicking and being very adorable in general. B got to go with me since he was off work that day. and then we had a lovely all-day-date together

Symptoms? tired–but we have been very busy lately, and i haven’t been sleeping through the night very often. sometimes heartburn, sometimes nauseous in the mornings, and the hip pain is still there. no one ever told me pregnancy came with such weird symptoms!

What I miss?  being able to lift heavy things! i was ultra-useless when we helped some friends move last week

these past few weeks have been nuts! we’ve had something or other going on everyday–helping friends move, going to church events, ultrasounds, all-day-dates, etc., and sunday we leave right after church for a week long trip to the South! i’m excited about that though–it will be wonderful to get out of town for a few days and spend some time with my love & with family.

What I’m looking forward to?
B being able to feel the baby kick with his hand on my stomach; seeing my family; & my ultrasound in B’s hometown!

Emotions: YES. i’ve been more sensitive than usual–not just because of the pregnancy hormones. we have a lot of big things going on and the stress of it all has left my defenses down. little comments that wouldn’t have phased me before (like “you’re way too big for 22 weeks”–thanks coworker) have me bawling during my entire lunch hour, and then some. sigh. its hard to not care what people say, sometimes.

(so handle me with care.)

4 thoughts on “23 weeks!”

  1. Moving and having a baby and changing job situations are huge life changes for just one year! I understand the stress. 😦

    And that co-worker was just being a jerk…I would've said, “Well, you're way too big for not even being pregnant.” LOL. Just kidding…that wouldn't have been nice. But it definitely would've crossed my mind!


  2. i know, i'm sort of freaking out =( i think i will feel better once i know what state we'll be living in, at least!

    & i wish i'd thought of something clever!! i just tried to come up with some excuse–like i need to give her an excuse for my baby belly! i'm pretty sure she's a secretary, not a doctor lol


  3. LOL at Heather's imaginary retort to your coworker. Unsolicited comments about my size were the number one thing I LOATHED about being pregnant! It's never acceptable at any other time to comment about a woman's body, so why do people think it's okay to editorialize about a pregnant woman's belly?? I just don't get it! I think you look adorable, and I am jealous of your cute belly because when I was at 22 weeks, all people said to me was, “You don't even look that pregnant!” and I wanted so much to have that glorious belly you're sporting. So carry it proudly, little Mama! 🙂


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