~ in summer, the song sings itself ~

June, the beginning of true summer. the beginning of a lot of things for us, i suspect { & will know soon }

ah, and it is Hot. like last year, we skipped right over spring and landed in the dead-heat of summer. and being pregnant is like carrying your own personal furnace (inferno?) of heat, right in your core.

my gameplan: water. water. water.

drinking it and swimming in it and running through sprinklers if i have to. i discovered over B and my weeklong trip to the South, that the heat brings on my morning sickness

{Β  in the middle of my ultrasound, unfortunately. but i held off long enough for all the grandparents to see their granddaughter kicking around in there. and oh does she kick! B felt it himself last week, and again a few days ago. only on the really hard kicks. which i sometimes say are dancing, sometimes kick-punching, depending on my mood. }

ah well. the things you do for love.

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