25 weeks!


babysize: eggplant ( around 14 inches long, 2lbs )
weightgain: 6lbs. feeling rather large and ponderous.
sleep: yes please!
food.i.love: watermelon and cherries
food.i.hate: anything that makes the summer seem hotter
symptoms:aching hips and back, tired, emotional
what.i.miss: being smaller
looking.forward:to being a little more settled, if possible
emotions: lots, oh yes, about other things though ( and still nothing but excited & happy about our sweet babygirl! )

2 thoughts on “25 weeks!”

  1. You look really great, Renee! Honestly. So cute. You are going to be in the third trimester in a matter of weeks. So exciting!

    I definitely don't envy you and Heather being pregnant in the heat of summer. I was only newly pregnant during the summer, and I'm glad because I am sure I would have been even more miserable. Hugs to you!


  2. thank you, you are so encouraging–i mostly feel like a WALRUS! i can't wait to be in my 3rd trimester though–i'm ready to meet my baby! & this heat is already Killer, i thought people had been exaggerating when they told me i'd probably have a hard time getting through the summer while pregnant!



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