34 weeks!

Baby’s size? as big as a cantaloupe! she should be about 18 inches, almost 5lbs!

Weight Gain? 18lbs

Stretch Marks? not yet! cocoa butter is working its magic!

Belly button in or out? in! i hope it doesn’t change, it would freak me out!

Sleep? not too bad! i get uncomfortable because of my general largeness, but other than that the heartburn/vomiting has been Tamed! praise the lord!

Foods I am loving? ..oreos…i could eat a bajillion right now.

Foods I am hating? leftover pizza, of any variety. i hate the smell of it!

Best moment this week? finishing the nursery! sitting in the rocking chair, imagining her there in my arms, its splendid!

Symptoms? achey back, but other than that i’ve felt pretty good–my heartburn has been under control since i started taking medicine everyday for it, and my charlie horses haven’t been so bad since i started stretching more before bed

Movement? oh yes! she is VERY active, and big enough now where B can see her move from the outside–its so strange!

What I miss? laying on my stomach, rolling over with ease

What I’m looking forward to? holding my girl for the first time

Emotions: content. i love where i am, i love what is happening in my life!


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