we got a pounding from our church~!
but don’t worry, its a good thing–apparently, a “pounding” means coming by to stock your pantry! now we have lots and lots of soups and ingredients and easy to fix things that will be great to have on hand when our babygirl comes in the next 3-6weeks (!!!). what a blessing!! and this coming sunday, our church is throwing me a babyshower too–i just can’t tell them thankyou enough, its such a blessing to have a great church family when our real-family lives far away!

babygirl is looking great!
i had a doctor appointment today and i’m measuring perfect, my weight gain is great, and my blood pressure is right where it should be! the doctor’s guess is that babygirl is about 5lbs now and is already in the head-down position (she’s been that way the past 2 doctor visits, i’m praying that she doesn’t get a mind to do some acrobatics!)

Wallie came HOME!!!!!!!
around 11ish last night, bryan and i were getting ready for bed and i heard a meow in the mudroom (ralphie and wallie are indoor/outdoor cats, they like to prowl about at night) so i assumed it was ralph, but bryan Knew it was waldo! so he ran to the door and waldo got all spooked and ran out in the yard but i opened up a can of tuna and we got him into the house {where we kept him the rest of the night, and all day today}.

he is so thin right now, it breaks my heart! he was already a thin cat (not a big ole fatty like his brother ralph), but you can practically see his ribs now! we’re going to keep him inside during the days (which we do anyway, its too hot to have them outside right now) then keep him on the screened in porch at night with a huge bowl of food so he can eat and eat (and not get bullied by strays….or have all the food eaten by ralphie).

he ran away exactly 2 weeks ago, the first day we came to our new house; i cried and cried so much this past week, because i thought he would never find his way home–he didn’t even know where home was, everything was new! but luckily he found his brother, and after we fatten him up a bit, i think he’ll be fine to return to his nightprowling ways.

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