there. ( and back again! )

you know how
you get back from vacation and the massive suitcase of disheveled clothes and poetry books and baby things is in the middle of the floor and the house has only had a husband caring for it for the past week and the baby is hungry and its like is attacking me!

well that was me yesterday.
but then Zu slept for 7hours last night and i accomplished oh-s0-much today and am generally on top of things again. i even fixed my hair, and wore my new gray jeggings (yes, my stylish aspiring-stylist sister convinced me) and my old Moderately-Sexy-Boots to the library today whilst visiting to bring my hubby lunch.

so my vacation was wonderful. karen and i spent lots of time window shopping–she’s always been the fashionable one but her new job at anthropologie has heightened her stylist sensibilities to a madness! she can be in a store five minutes and be like “this this and this. go try it on.” and it looks like magic.

the ocean is so nice to look at. its relaxing watching the waves lap at the shore and the old people trot by in their too revealing swimsuits. it was too cold to swim but warm enough for long beachy dresses, which we wore.

and, though i have been Blessed with a child who has slept through the night since she was about 6 weeks old (my sweet baby!), it was still great to have grammie take the early morning 5AM shift while i slept in.

and we saw much flora and fauna–Butterfly World was like becoming a disney princess, pretty jewel toned birds and butterflies flitting around everywhere. and gorgeous out of season flowers blooming in profusion.

and we went to Flamingo World to see the strange Jurassic looking plants and the florida tropical animals. and flamingos too of course

but all in all i am happy to be home. i missed my husband Terribly! next time he will have to come with me or my visit will be shorter. so we’ve had lots of happy family time the past two days.

i got my thanksgiving dinner shopping done tonight–i’m hosting it here for the first time ever! my cousin and her husband and my youngest sister are driving up. hopefully my experiment with turkey cooking will prove successful. and after thanksgiving, i’m traveling once again, down south to be in my lovely friend’s wedding!

oh and, and, i got nominated! for a Pushcart Prize! i am tres excited. i feel so disconnected from poetry type things–like i am peeking in a little window from far far away–so whenever anyone is like “i read your poem” i am like “what???”. so this is a most happy thing.  november is full of goodness.

well off to take care of my squirmy wirmy baby

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