the cows are lowing and there is frost on the ground

november was a blur–florida and thanksgiving and a wedding! so much traveling. so of course i vow to come home and and now we have a trip planned for a little more than a week from now (a short trip though). i’ve got an interview. what can i say? it wasn’t something i was looking for. but much more on that much later. probably after its all over. in the meantime, i’ve been hitting the books. luckily i’d already been doing some research on lineation in free verse poetry on the side, for fun, since zuzu was born (yes, i am a nerd) so that is what i’ll talk about. at first i was daunted but then, as i researched and lesson-planned, i remembered that i Do really love doing this. that its my dream-job for a reason! i suppose its just the possibility of all that change (again) so soon (january?) that i’m a little wary of, if it happens. and thats a big IF. at least i can’t say that 2011 lacked adventure.

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