y’all i need a haircut

so maybe one of these?

~~ {A} ~~

 so Zooey, my favorite manic pixie dream girl. i always come back to her when i think about getting a new style, she has what i think is pretty much the perfect look. i love her color, style, etc. (girl crush).

(btw, isn’t that an interesting archetype? i think i almost always love every movie with one of those type girls. and most young people like me are attracted to that in a story too. maybe its that we’re a generation of idealistic dreamers? i’d love to research the psychology behind that, one day)

so this, minus the darkness (i’d stay red) ? or


 a little longer, shaggier, with side swept bangs?


  shorter with side swept bangs?

i dunno. i’d like something a little more Styled looking (and less scraggly wildness). and i haven’t cut my hair in 6months. again. ahhhh things just get away from me.

ok so, which one? opinions?

5 thoughts on “y’all i need a haircut”

  1. I can't even remember the last time I had a real hair cut…I think it's been over a year…so I definitely understand! I get my dad to trim my hair when I start getting split ends (surprisingly, he is an excellent hair cutter) but I haven't been to the salon for a styled cut in forever. I am hopeful that that is about to change, though! Hehe.

    I vote C! I like the sideswept bangs and shagginess and how it's a little bit shorter while still maintaining the length. I'm not too big a fan of blunt, thick bangs so that's why I wouldn't go A. B would be my second choice. 🙂


  2. Oh, and I forgot to weigh in on Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I've read about that archetype before, too. For me, I always feel like the MPDG character is a little unrealistic (can anyone Seriously be that quirky?) but they are usually fun to watch. I end up feeling bad for their love interests most of the time…Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserved so much better in “500 Days of Summer.” (!!)


  3. yeah, i love blunt cut bangs on other people but i remember not loving them as much when i had them myself…but then i see pictures of people looking great with them and i think hmmmm blunt cut bangs….

    (oh p.s., or i could Not get bangs! forgot to add that option)


  4. oh definitely! i sort of hated zooey in 500 Days–i like her much better as a supporting character. however i do like her in New Girl (tv show).

    & thanks! lol



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