"and now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been" {rilke}

i’m writing this a bit early, since right now we’re in that about-to-move but not-moved-yet limbo. and tomorrow i’ve got lots of loose ends to tie up, then thursday my mom is coming in town to help us out (yay! my mom is wonderful!), then friday we’re packing up the truck and saturday we’re moving! a new town for a new year!

of last year’s resolutions, i completed three of the five (grew my hair out again, didn’t gain a mess of weight whilst pregnant and kept trying at getting my book out). not too bad. i lost my passionate-obsession with virginia woolf, so i don’t think i’ll try to finish all of her novels, not this year anyway, when my reading time will be curtailed by being a wife/mommy/teacher. i made some resolutions earlier this year before zu was born and they’re way intense. i think i’m going to not be quite so tough on myself and make some easier-kept, quantifiable resolutions instead:


1. finish reading through the entire Bible (currently in Nehemiah)

2. lose the baby weight by the 9month-post-partum mark

3. submit my work to at least 10 magazines this year

4. send my book out to 3 publishers

5. save up enough money to take a really awesome 5 year anniversary vacation in august!


of course there’s lots more that i want to do–find a nice rental house, decorate and settle us in, revise my syllabi over the summer, take a fiction class, take zu to see rock city….but i know this first year of teaching is going to be very difficult, especially since i don’t have much experience and i have Zero time to prepare, so i’m not going to push myself particularly hard this year. 5 things is enough.

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