new work out plan!

oh pinterest, how did we live our lives without you? how did we craft? how did we cook? how did we built imaginary closets or dress imaginary babies?

anyways. i found a great list of do-able (i guess sort of easy) workouts that i’m going to start doing today. i’ve been slacking on my workouts, so i thought having a List of things to do to cross off (i am obsessed with crossing things off lists. it gives me such joy!) would help me be a bit more motivated. plus these are all things i can do while watching the baby!

today i begin the Starter’s version (20 days)

ok yes, its seriously easy, but anything is better than nothing, right? hopefully it will help me lose those last 2 measly pounds to get down to my prepregnancy weight!

4 thoughts on “new work out plan!”


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