thrifting find!

i Finally found a card catalog thrifting!!!! this little beauty was $35. i snatched it up! its in great condition and solid oak. i think it might be an older piece because its tongue and groove and solid wood rather than any plywood in there. probably used in an old office or something? we’re putting it in our living room so we can store little this and thats. oh and i also got a new lamp at tj maxx (see above the table). its fun finally getting to furnish our own home~!

(by the way…am i losing my mind or is the dark wood paneling look not so bad? at first i immediately wanted to paint it but the longer we live here the more i sort of like it!)

5 thoughts on “thrifting find!”

  1. Ohh, LOVE the lamp and card catalog! That is such a unique idea. I wish you could come and decorate my house. I have NO eye for that kind of thing!


  2. There is a certain old-school charm about dark-wood paneling–the paneling in our kitchen and guest room is painted and I think the combo of paneling/fresh paint is also neat. Maybe try painting one of the paneled rooms and keeping a few as-is, too?


  3. aw thanks!! i try to make the house look cute–honestly though, my home looks pretty much exactly the same way my mom decorated our home growing up, so i'm not extremely original lol


  4. we only have the one room with paneling (the rest of our house is just white walls); i love painted paneling too, but i don't know what color i'd paint the paneling in this room because our carpet is really light….and once we painted our kitchen red it somehow made the paneling look better lol! my mom thinks if we used some wood polish on it to make it look a little richer it'd look great with the paneling as is. i don't know! i've got a ton of painting to do in this house so maybe i'll save this project for last!



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