recent publications

naturally, on the heels of my post about rejection, I have a few acceptances to report: 

Prick of the Spindle accepted my poem “A Pleading Sound” for their next issue


Other bits of news….

there’s going to be a protest at my school next week. should be interesting. There’s apparently been a lot of talk about it in the local paper for some time now, but I had no idea until my boss came in to check on me to make sure I wasn’t freaked out about it, being a new hire and all. I guess that means I should be a grown up and start reading news other than poetry news….

and I’ve been asked to teach an independent study on creative writing this summer! Though I am, of course, looking forward to my summer time off, I think a creative writing independent study will be fun as well, since a lot of it can be done from home or over a starbucks get-together. and I could even bring baby along. one thing I have told my victim student–prepare to and write.write.write!

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