first adventure of the summer

this morning little zu and i went on our first adventure of the summer. when she woke up, i asked her “little zu, how would you like an adventure?” and she seemed very excited for an adventure:

so after first playtime and second nap, her daddy helped pack up the car with lots of babas and diapies and baby toys for our first adventure of the summer: a trip two hours north to see aunt lolo at college

little zu had not seen aunt lolo in quite some time and she was so happy at the prospect

after a sweet summery nap in the car, zuzu woke up to find herself at aunt lolo’s dorm and scooped up for hugs and kisses from her aunt lolo

we had a fun girly day of shopping and icecream and roving around a college town.

such adventures will be a habit this summer

2 thoughts on “first adventure of the summer”

  1. bryan didn't take classes this semester, since we didn't have internet the first few months (he's taking 1 this summer, then 4 this fall, then he's done, yay!!!), but i wanted to give him a responsibility-free day so he could just relax and hang out with friends.

    btw, i thought about seeing if we could see you while we were up in tn, but lauren's school is not at all close to franklin like i thought =( i think that next time we go up to TN, i'll meet her in Chatty so i can then go on to visit with y'all!



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