postcard from the beach

little zu didn’t get the memo this morning–vacation means no waking up at 5 AM right? she’s blowing raspberries on my arm as i type; that was the first thing we taught her, not sure how that happened! what does that say about our parenting, hmm…
we are having a great time at the beach. i’ve got about five hundred new freckles. zu saw the ocean for the first time (and was not a fan, though sand was nommy to the max). bryan and i collected seashells by the seashore. and swam swam swam, like edna in the awakening minus the nudity and drowning.
grammie grampa and aunt karen are loving all this baby-time. and zu doesn’t mind being the very center of attention. 
on the agenda for today: the girls are going shopping, then everyone to the beach, then a party. monday: date night! in my new anthro dress (i have a stylish & sweet sister), to the irish pub and banyan tree.

3 thoughts on “postcard from the beach”

  1. Your vacation sounds AMAZING!!! Trying not to be jealous. 😉 I'm really happy you guys are having such a great time! That dress is beautiful!

    Oh, and “swam swam swam, like edna in the awakening minus the nudity and drowning” – LOL!!!


  2. its been really fun!! i hate that its halfway over–its been wonderful spending time with my family and getting some relaxation! more pictures to come!



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