little zu’s nursery

nurseries are by far the most fun to decorate. sometimes i like to think about what i’ll do for zu’s big girl room and other nurseries for other future (far in the theoretical future) babies. its just fun to plan those types of things. kids rooms aren’t so serious as parents rooms. i like stuffed animals all over the place. i like lots of color and butterflies and silliness.

zu had quite a lovely little nursery at the farmhouse, her first home. it didn’t exactly translate to our new home–we have carpet instead of hardwood and her new room is much bigger. and, since we aren’t renting, i finally got to throw some paint up on the walls!

sidenote: its strange to me to think that when i decorated her first room, i hadn’t even met her yet. and the next time i decorate her room, i’ll know her even more. its really a privilege to parent.

so, i kept the nursery in tune with the rest of our home–i like smokey muted colors, so we went with Gothic Amethyst and i’m really happy with how it turned out:

that curtain is still one of my very favorite things in her room

“as soon as i saw you, i knew an adventure was going to happen”

we decided to use a wall stencil above her crib rather than the tapestry (which is now her curtain) that we had up before. we also took the bumper off her crib because she was climbing up on it to try to escape (!). when that started happening, i knew pulling on the curtain to escape would soon follow; and just to be safe, i went with no art hanging whatsoever above her crib, and melinda made us this stencil instead. it peels right off, so if i get sick of it i can change it up, but i really love it right now. i think the quote is appropriate!

doublesided classics and nancy drews–what i read when i was a girl

note: that is not a real goldfish. my mawmaw got it at crackerbarrel–it does however light up and wiggle around, its pretty neat. zu loves watching it

for reading bedtime stories
toychest and hooks for her hoodies

changing area

i’ve rearranged this room a lot the past few months. we had an extra bed in here but took it out since we never used it (zu sleeps through the night too well to need it–lucky us!–maybe for baby number 2 one day).
the changing area was the toughest to figure out. i used to change zu on her dresser but as she’s gotten bigger and much wigglier i’ve not felt very comfortable doing that so we’ve started changing her on the floor. the problem is, we cloth diaper but use disposables for overnight and out on the town and we use disposable wipes (tried cloth wipes, not a fan).

which means we need a trashcan for clothdiapers (to be washed), a trashcan for disposables (to be tossed), a basket for cloth diaper covers and inserts, a basket for disposable wipes and diapers and diaper gear. whew! it looked really cluttered, even when i had everything tucked away in baskets.

then bryan’s grandma gave us this antique cedar hope chest that is low to the ground, wide, and has a little rail along the back, so i feel much better about changing her there, and i can put all her changing gear out of the way in the corner. it satisfies the neatfreak in me and its nice to not have to get all the way down on the floor to change her each time.

2 thoughts on “little zu’s nursery”

  1. Love it! She's bound to be a book-lover with so many beautiful volumes to call her own. 🙂 For some reason, I never realized you were a Nancy Drew fan, too!!! You've got so many of them! I don't have any, sadly – I used to read mine from the library. If we have a daughter someday, I'd love to get a bunch of Nancy Drews for her, though, like you've done with Zuzu!


  2. i Love nancy drew! she was my hero growing up–hayley gil and i started “the secret detective agency” (complete with theme song and logo) because of nancy drew. i think we solved three entire cases haha

    most of the ones i read are from the library but my grandma found out how much i loved them so she started buying me nancy drews at one point. i think i've read nearly all of the original nancy drews and i'd like to expand the collection sometime. maybe my grandma will buy nancy drews for zuzu someday =)



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