Winifred the Horse

Winifred was a happy horse. She was loved and played with and adored by her children, and though they sometimes played too hard with her, yanking at her mane and tail, scratching at her wooden withers, she loved her children too.

Then one day her children grew up, as children do. She stayed in the attic, the garage, storage for years, waiting for her children to come back. One day their mother took her to the Goodwill where she waited again for a very long time, missing most of her mane and tale, grown dinged up and weathered over the years.

Many different children and mothers went past her, turning up their nose at her scratched wood and tatterly mane. Until one day a young mother and her little girl zu chose her to come home with them. The mother washed her, trimmed off the rest of her mane, and after a good polishing down with wood stain and a yarn mane and tail superglued on, Winnie was once again ready to play as  little zu’s very first horsey.

And little zu and Winnie lived happily ever after


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