the guest bathroom

to continue the house tour….
our guest bathroom!

keep in mind several things:
1} this room is complete but just complete-for-now–i haven’t done much to it, just set my own stuff out
2} the people that owned this house before us were old
3} we don’t use this bathroom much except for when we have guests over or to bathe zu

 this picture is not an accurate rendition of the color of the walls–the lights are making everything look yellowy, while the wallpaper is actually a tan color, as is the tile. the sink is a little goldish.

 art opposite the mirror. it says something about bathing your goat with your cat and dog to avoid vermin. found it at thriftstore and knew it  must be mine.

sort of a girly shower curtain but this is technically zu’s bathroom.

the list of things i’d like to do with this bathroom:
1. rip up the carpet because bathrooms should never have carpet (sorry previous owners! its weird!)
2. remove wallpaper
3. paint the walls
4. paint the vanity
5. replace the lighting with something more modern

as you can see, that is quite a list! so for now i am happy with our slightly quirky little guest bathroom; the make-over is a project for laterdays.

2 thoughts on “the guest bathroom”

  1. if i had to think of a positive to it, it would be that when my little ones take baths they are less likely to slip on the wet tile and break their front tooth (like i did when i was 5!) …. but that's the only positive i can think of lol!



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