little zu at 10 months

favorite food: sweet potato
favorite toy: lambi (and sheepsheep, sheepi, and lambi-dos)
favorite game: burpclothhead (when you put a burp cloth on your head and she takes it off)
favorite pastime: watching the kitten and chewing on things (anything)
new babbles: Ohhhh
new developments:
~ 7 teeth.
~ standing (on her own!)
~ kicking her legs like crazy whenever you pick her up
~ allowing mommy to put bows in her hair again (YAYYYY!!!!)

oh and less naps. a lot less naps! she’s only napping twice a day. which i think is normal but she used to nap a lot more than that. now she wakes up around 7, naps around 10 for an hour, naps again around 3 for an hour, and goes to bed at 7 or 8. it hasn’t been as much of an adjustment for her as it has been for Us! i was used to those frequent little rest-times and now we don’t have them! so this month i’ve felt worn out all the time. hopefully i’ll adjust to her new crazyenergy soon

5 thoughts on “little zu at 10 months”

  1. Milo's down to two naps, too! He takes longer naps, though. He used to take 3-4 forty-five minute naps and now he takes 2 naps that are usually 1.5-2 hours. He does usually stir after about an hour and make little noises in his crib, but if I don't go in there immediately, he'll go back to sleep for another hour, usually. I actually prefer his new schedule because even though, like you, I was really used to having more frequent little rest times…I feel like he's sleeping better at night now…and the naps are longer, so I can get more done during one nap than I used to be able to do. It felt like, before, as soon as I was really getting started on something (a blog entry, a project, whatever), he was waking up.


  2. i teach during her first nap right now, so i only get the One Short Nap in the afternoon for a break! ah! its been wearing me out. either that or i have some sort of vitamin deficiency because i have been really really struggling with feeling exhausted all the time this month.


  3. She is so cute! Is the standing up a very recent development? That messed up Char's naps for a liitle bit because she would stand up in her crib all the tine.


  4. @ Erin : YES~! that has been a major problem–when she doesn't want to sleep, she just stands up and cries (then chews on her crib–we had to get one of those crib protector things, she was getting little flecks of paint in her mouth, yikes). its made it a lot harder to get her to take her naps, so it resulted in just two naps a day even though sometimes i think she could use three naps a day.


  5. Oh goodness about the chewing. Hopefully she will get over that in a week or two!. I don't think Charlotte did it for long before adjusting again.


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