a getaway

bryan and i spent this weekend in chattanooga, sans baby, celebrating our upcoming five year anniversary. it was so relaxing! we had forgotten how easy life is before a baby–we wandered, we came and went as we pleased, we Slept In!

 we went to McKay’s bookstore, swam in our fancy hotel (the Chattanoogan), got all fancied up and wandered downtown before dinner at the melting pot and a movie.

Sunday we went to the art district and rembrandt’s, then walked the pedestrian bridge. i had meant to plan lots of things for our trip but we ended up just playing it by ear and had so much fun. i don’t think i’ve laughed so hard in months.

it was the first night away from zuzu since she was born, for me, and it was strange! i missed my girl. i think though that bryan and i could use a night out more often though–we came back feeling recharged and relaxed. and zuzu had a great time playing with my aunt and uncle, and her cousin.

i can’t believe bryan and i have been married five years already–it feels like we’ve always been together but at the same time these five years have flown by. i’m so blessed to have bryan as a husband–my best friend and my love.

5 thoughts on “a getaway”

  1. Wow! It looks like you guys had a great time. I'm so glad you both feel recharged. I'm so nervous about my first night away from Milo. I don't currently have it planned, but for whenever we do, I'd love any tips you might have for not texting the relatives every five minutes. 🙂


  2. i Definitely texted lol–but not as much as i thought i would. i recommend taking a night getaway–we had no idea how much we needed one until we were there!


  3. we're an hour and a half south in Georgia–i'm from memphis though and grew up taking little trips to chattanooga/gatlinburg all the time! i love east tennessee



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