drafting "Discipline"

So I am going to give writing about my writing a shot. I read so many poet-blogs where they write their drafting process and I find it so interesting. My personal drafting process is perhaps not quite as interesting…but I think it might prove useful to write about it, to sort out my thoughts behind the poems.
Right now I am working on my last assignment for my form class–to write a Gigan. I had never heard of this form before today–it was invented by poet Ruth Ellen Kocher (who I also had never heard of). Its 16 lines, in the pattern of couplet, tercet, couplet couplet couplet, tercet, couplet, line 1 is repeated as line 11 and line 6 is repeated as line 12 and the last couplet turns the poem on its head. Got it?
Discipline is about how bryan says I sound like my mother when I tell Zu don’t play with the light socket, don’t steal daddy’s cell phone, don’t climb on the table, don’t bite the cat (there’s a poem in there somewhere too …)
and I started thinking that maybe my mother sounds like her mother who sounds like her mother who sounds like…how far does this voice of discipline go back?
which got me to thinking about family and lineage and blood-ties. Things I enjoy writing about. and I’ve especially loved writing about Grimm’s fairytales of late, and my lineage IS german–my great-grand on my mother’s side was a german immigrant.
I am not one hundred percent confident that the Gigan is the correct form for this subject matter–I’m thinking I might instead try it out as a sestina or free verse maybe (two wildly different things). 

Either way, it is always good to learn about a new form and to have a finished first draft.

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