wistful whimful submissions, a book i heart, and social media blackout


i’m about half-way through Pruning Burning Bushes by Sarah M. Wells right now (reviewed ::here:: recently). faith-based poetry by a woman poet who is also a mom? well, i’m in love really.


i’m also rereading God as Author. i was a crazy-person last time i read it, a few weeks after i had zuzu (really i was only fit to read The Cat Who… books at that time in my life), so i remember just about none of it from the first reading. and its good. so i’m glad i’m rereading it. 


on a whim i applied for a residency. not sure what i would even do if i won said residency but it was a long day the day i applied and i was wistful for writing time and curse email applications! they’re just too easy. going to the post office leaves time for second thoughts.


i’m drafting a new poem this week. i love the feeling of a mostly-done poem in my notebook, something to come back to and flesh out as i have time.


going off a suggestion by another poet, i’ve been thinking of titles in my manuscript and of writing some more Leah poems (after one of my poems, “Leah Speaks Her Piece”). which is really about my grandmother but using persona leaves me some fictional wiggle room and saves my hide if i do happen to ever have a published manuscript fall in the hands of family.


oh that makes me nervous even thinking about that…


that said, there are two contests i want to send my manuscript out to at the end of october. i’ve done some reordering, cutting, a bit of adding, and right now i’m in the nit-picky revising stage. i’m thinking of deactiving all of my time-wasters (pinterest and FB, that means you!) until the october deadlines, since i also have the next wave of student papers coming in mid-october.


because time to myself is precious and limited. and its just way easier to look at my friends cute babies then to revise a poem for the twelfth twentieth one-hundred-twentieth time.

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