11 weeks!

 Baby size?a fig!

Stretch marks?
oh they will come

not great, i’ve been waking up vomiting and with fevers–i had a terrible stomach bug last friday, and i think i haven’t fully recovered still. i only had some slight morning sickness (here and there, if i missed meals) before getting sick this weekend, but since being sick i haven’t been able to keep down anything more substantial than fruit or soup. which is a shame because i would really love a steak-n-shake guacamole cheeseburger with straw fries smothered in ketchup right now.

Foods I am loving?
nothing, all food hates me. this makes it hard to cook for my family. i have been able to go back to my old obsession–grapefruit. and good ole chicken broth. and dry toast. i would really like some frozen yogurt but i think that wouldn’t stay down very well.

Foods I am hating?
meat, beans, eggs, pasta…

Best moment this week?
zu and i did some fingerpainting for the first time–it was an experience!

Movement? yes! consistently feeling flutters!

Symptoms? tired and sick sick sick

What I miss? honestly? Nothing. I LOVE being pregnant! i think if i could be pregnant all the time, I would be. i felt this way last time too. Ok–morning sickness, aches and pains, complete hugeness. Whatever! i love how purposeful i feel knowing that I’m growing a new life inside me. it is such a miracle, and i’m grateful God’s allowed me to experience this again.

What I’m looking forward to? the ultrasound in a couple of weeks! too early to find out the gender, but i love getting to see more of a profile and maybe some little baby feet!

Emotions: happy, excited!

{ my much-smaller baby belly with zu at 11 weeks}

2 thoughts on “11 weeks!”

  1. Haha, I love how excited you were about your workouts when you were pregnant with Zuzu…I'm glad you are taking it a little easier (as much as you can with being a wife, mother, and full-time professor) this time. It's so great that you get so many ultrasounds…I only got two when I was pregnant with Milo, one at the beginning and one for the gender. Any extra wouldn't have been covered by insurance. I hope you post ultrasound pictures in a couple of weeks. 🙂 Wow…to think you'll know the gender in probably just 7 or 8 more weeks! That's so soon!


  2. i don't care as much about the weight gain this time–i'm not working a sedentary job like i was when i was pregnant with zu, and i'm running after zu all the time, so i figure it will all even out lol. i put up a picture of the 9 week ultrasound on instagram last night, go check it out!



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