20 weeks!

my huge baby belly!

 Baby size: the size of a coconut! i can’t believe how fast little June is growing!

Weight gain: almost 10lbs from prepregnancy weight; i was worried that was too much, but my doctor said that was normal, and i’m on track to gain about 30 like i did last time. my mother gained 30 with all three of us girls, so that is my goal too.

Stretch marks: nothing new. oh but they will come.

Belly button in or out: in

Sleep: hip pain, dreams dreams dreams–but overall not terrible. being more restless at night has made it easier to get up with zu if i need to.

Foods I am loving: potato anything, mexican food, and sandwiches.

Foods I am hating: sometimes i have trouble with leftovers–they smell gross to me the second time around.

Best moment this week: finding out the gender–i’m so happy to be having another sweet little baby girl! i started going through zu’s old baby clothes–all those precious dresses and skirts and girly pinks. i’m excited to get to use them again, what a blessing!

Movement: yes! little june is having a kick-party!

Symptoms: morning sickness, tired n achey sometimes. and still quite the weepy-mess at just about anything. 

What I’m looking forward to: bryan and i are going on the babymoon-we-never-had the weekend after valentines day!!! its part babymoon, part birthday present to me, part valentines day celebration, and all the way romantic. i got a really good deal on a fancy hotel (with a pool)(walking distance to downtown!), and we have little to no plans for the weekend–just sleeping in, swimming, relaxing, browsing McKay’s of course (it is near my birthday, after all. and i want to get zu a picture book of cats and kittens for her valentine’s present from me). i’d like to also go to target and pick out a sweet newborn coming-home outfit for June! last time we were there i couldn’t tear myself away from those tiny dresses.

Emotions: i was getting discouraged with having to be a working mom for now, but i’ve found a lot of encouragement lately in our small group at church, a few books i’ve read, and sermons i’ve heard. looking at work as just as much of a laying-down-my-life sacrifice as being a stay at home mom is a sacrifice, has really helped me. leaving for work in the morning is easier when i see it as the task God has given me to do at this time in my life; and i trust that God is doing what is absolutely best for our family.

other emotions…. contentment, excitement, and i’m a little giddy about having another girl. can you tell? 

4 thoughts on “20 weeks!”

  1. That is such a cute picture and I am so jealous of your babymoon! I wish we'd gone on one before we had Milo when it really wasn't as hard as it is now. I always advise people who are pregnant with their first to do as much as possible because we definitely didn't. I hope maybe I can work up the courage to do an overnight at some point. I think it sounds so relaxing and fun. It looks like we're going to be in Jonesboro for 4 days/3 nights for the wedding so I've decided we're just going to bring Milo with us for that because it's just too far away and too long, especially since we've never done it before. I hope you can go, but I am worried it is too close to your due date–they've picked June 15th.


  2. You're SO CUTE!!

    I'm so happy the babymoon you wanted worked out! I'm assuming your parents will be in town? I'm sure they'll love soaking up the Zuzu time.


  3. @ heather – i tell people to go too~! we never got a chance because bryan started interviewing places around when we'd been planning to. i'm so bummed that we won't be able to go to Christina's wedding!!! june 15th is way too close–unless we want to have the baby in jonesboro lol

    @ nellene my mom is coming in town (dad has to work)–she is really excited about getting some girl time with her zuzu!


  4. You look adorable, and I am so glad you get to go on a babymoon. Stephen and I went on one to St. Louis when I was pregnant with Charlotte, and it was so, so nice. I hope you guys have a great time!



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