34 weeks!

i can’t believe baby june will be here in just 6 short weeks! my next doctor’s appointment is wednesday, and i’m looking forward to hearing her heartbeat again.

i’ve definitely been feeling more “pregnant” the past week or so–constantly hungry, sometimes short on breath (the way the baby can lay so that it compresses the diaphram–i’m carrying her high up, like i did with zu), and the same ole nausea, hip-ache, and such. i’ve also been a little bit swollen up the past day or two–i couldn’t get my wedding ring on this morning. its strange not wearing it, my hands feel so bare.

bryan, zu and i have enjoyed his four days off–some quiet family time was much-needed–and we had a fun outing to target on saturday (for my early mother’s day present–we don’t have a target in town so its a bit of a drive), then a double-date with friends to a movie on sunday. today is another rainy day–we’ve had rain all weekend–so we plan on keeping things pretty low-key.

we have both sides of the family coming in town this weekend for zu’s dedication at church, so the latter part of this week will be spent preparing for guests. i’m particularly excited to get to spend a little bit of time with my sisters–we haven’t all three been together in a while.

i’m also looking forward to finishing the nursery in the next couple weeks; though i won’t really need it finished right away, having a completed nursery is a big part of nesting for me, and i know i won’t feel fully ready until i’ve gotten everything organized.

{ zu at 34 weeks }

4 thoughts on “34 weeks!”

  1. That's so special that Zu's dedication falls on Mother's Day! And so great that both of your families will be able to be there. Love the bump picture – June and mama are looking well and healthy!


  2. our church only does baby dedications once a year, on mother's day–but i think that it is really sweet to have it on that day! i'm really thankful our families will both be able to come–it will be such a special day!



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