little zu was dedicated at church this past weekend, on mother’s day. bryan’s family and my family came in town to visit–the first time we’d had everyone to the house since zu’s first birthday! between both sets of grandparents, two aunts, a great-grandma and an uncle, she had quite the audience, and took advantage of that, performing her favorite song (the meow-meow song) and dancing at dinner.

i loved getting to spend my second mother’s day with my mother. And it is weird to think that next mother’s day i will have two little girls of my own running around!


zu and aunt kakki, making faces at her iphone

the past week or two i can tell a definite change in my hormones and body; i can’t breathe (baby on the diaphragm?), i’m always tired, and i’m frequently emotional and nauseous (usually at the same time). typical pregnancy stuff i guess, it just has hit me hard the past few days especially.

bryan’s librarian work schedule has him gone in the late afternoons and evenings every day, plus all day friday and sunday (after church), but it is his second job–the auction side-business–that has made things tough. it was really too much for one person to take on in the first place, so at this point, when he is home, he has to spend most of his time working on it.

usually that is fine, it’s just lately that i’ve had a hard time keeping up with zu on my own. so my sister (aunt kakki, according to zu), has so sweetly offered to come up for a few days early next week to help me out! i’m excited to get to spend this time with my sister and also oh-so-grateful for the help!

6 thoughts on “dedication”

  1. I'm so sorry we were unable to make it for Zuzu's dedication. What a special day! I absolutely hate that Brandon can't take off on Sundays to be there for special family days. Know that we were thinking of you!


  2. we totally understand! and it is a really long drive for y'all–especially with you being pregnant! but we missed having you there with all the family =)



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