getting ready

with my sister in town earlier this week to help me play with zu and decorate the nursery, nesting has been in high-gear. here’s what i’ve gotten done so far: 

~ organized the baby-cabinet. dollar store bins for zu’s sippys, snacks, spoons/forks, and june’s bottles, misc., and more toddler snacks at the top. its been a wreck for so long that i’m still surprised every time i open it to complete orderliness.

~ cleaned up my littlest petshops for zu. these are special toys that i plan on only giving to her to play with when little sister is getting fed, so she will be occupied and not feel too neglected. by the way, the new littlest pet shops look terrifying.

~ washed and readied the cloth diapers. a few  of my used one-size-fits-all cloth diapers didn’t survive past zu (they were pretty old, donated by Giving Diapers Giving Hope), so i thought i might have to go ahead and buy a few more covers (i use prefolds and have 11 covers right now), THEN i found 13 more infant covers and about 20 more prefold inserts that are size small that i had completely forgotten about!! so if i do have to buy more covers, it won’t be for at least 3 months after june is born.

~ hung up my post-partum clothes in my closet. i wear the same things first trimester as i do “fourth” trimester, so i just pulled out a few go-to things. it helps to not have to worry about fitting into things immediately upon coming home with a newborn.

~ organized all pumping/nursing/feeding related things.  i’ve got all that necessary stuff sorted and in a pretty box in my room. preparing that felt like preparing for war, but i feel like my attitude in general is a lot more relaxed than last time.

~ went through zu’s old baby clothes. this part was just for fun. i actually had this organized about 4 months ago, but i wanted to show my sister some of the cutest outfits.

~ worked on the nursery. karen helped me hang up pictures, pick out some free prints to frame, and make some art for above the bed. june’s nursery is also the guest room, so that’s why we have a bed in there; now all the nursery needs is the hand-me-down dresser, crib and bedside table that my mom is bringing when she comes in a few weeks.

the guest bed


(more pictures to come when the nursery is all the way finished)

~ miscellaneous: took some old toys, decor, and clothes to consignment, changed out some curtains in the living room, organized my office desk, moved some stuff to the garage,  (mostly) packed the hospital bag, and checked out a bunch of books on natural childbirth.


5 thoughts on “getting ready”

  1. You have been busy! I need to get some more bins for Charlotte's things. I think that would be an easy way to feel more organized.


  2. sometimes you can find the big rubbermaids on sale at walmart–it really is easy and i feel so much more organized when i can just go out to the garage and pull out whatever size i need next (or whatever season). i'd had things in cardboard boxes but those attract spiders and don't hold up to weather so well


  3. I love bins! We had an unfortunate incident in our old house, where we stored things in cardboard boxes, too, but the basement flooded and I ended up having to throw away some of my old stuffed animals that had been ruined. 😦 It was very sad. Now we use the plastic bins for everything. I haven't tried buying ahead for Milo; I need to do that next time I go consignment shopping.

    So fun that Zuzu has some Littlest Pet Shops to play with! I always wanted one of those when I was a kid, but I don't think I ever had one – I think my sister did, though. My go-to toys were Grand Champion horse figurines, Polly Pocket (which apparently have somehow expanded in size about 10x since the early 90s), and paper dolls. Oh, and Barbie. 🙂 Did you play with Barbies? Do you think you'll let Zu play with them? They've definitely changed a lot over the past two decades. I don't know what I would decide if I had a daughter.


  4. i had grand champions too! grand champions and pet shops mainly. i never really played with barbies, but karen did. i think i'd rather have zu play with american girl dolls than barbies, even though they are more expensive (she just wouldn't have a billion of them like most girls do with barbies!)


  5. I love American Girl dolls! I forgot to mention those. I had Kirsten, the pioneer one. I'm pretty sure she's “retired” now but I am saving her for if I ever have a daughter. They're more expensive, but a lot more quality and the message is way better. 🙂 Plus, they come with books! Perfect.



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