mom hair

i used to think of “mom hair” as a sort of short, choppity bob, kind of like something kate+eight would do. my hair doesn’t do straight, so my version of mom hair is long, wavy, with layers i haven’t kept up with, and my roots showing, and way way way too much voluminous poofiness that needs to be taken care of before i return to the real world from planet baby.

since few of my clothes fit except for maternity clothes which of course i don’t want to spend another second in, let alone another month or two until i shrink down a little bit more, i thought, well, hey, at leastย  maybe i can have good hair!

i think this is what i want (her style from silver linings playbook), except in dark auburn, not black. i’ve pretty much had this haircut before–long, wavy, with layers–but i haven’t had bangs in a long time. i know for sure i don’t want bangs that are a lot of upkeep but those bangs don’t look like so very much upkeep, especially if i just let them stay wavy with the rest of my hair instead of straightening them out…? well bryan and my sister are telling me that i’ll rue the day i cut bangs again, but i might do it anyway–i need to feel a little spiffed up!

5 thoughts on “mom hair”

  1. I think that would look great on you, and I agree that those bangs would not be very much upkeep (says someone who has had every kind of bang imaginable). ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. ah good, your comment makes me feel like maybe it is Not a terrible idea to get bangs! lol, my sister was trying to talk me out of it earlier today


  3. I love Jennifer Lawrence and I love her bangs. I, personally, don't look good in bangs, but you have a heart-shaped face like her and you've always been able to make bangs work. I've been working on growing my last misguided attempt out for over a year now. Bleh. I've always thought you looked great with bangs, though, and that particular style of bangs seems like it would be well-suited to your face and personality. Just make sure you spend the extra money to go to a non-Supercuts place (says the person who last got “sideswept bangs” from Fantastic Sam's…which ended up looking like third-grade, crooked bangs).


  4. i LOVE that first photo of jennifer lawrence! and i just got bangs about a month ago and i really like them. it's a nice way to change things up a bit without chopping all your hair off! ๐Ÿ™‚ and if you get longish bangs, then they grow out fairly fast, if for some reason you don't like them.

    but yes. i think that haircut would look great on you! you looked lovely with bangs when you lived in boston! ๐Ÿ™‚



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