weekly miscellany: vol. 7

the emerson house has been a full house the past week. mom was in town for five days, lauren (or as zu now calls her, “tah dah”) came for a few days, and my aunt and uncle came for an  evening, to see the baby. zu loves it when family comes to visit, especially her Gaggi, so she had a particularly fun week, with lots of “double” (her word for dessert) and playing in the “bubbles” (waterhose). mom even brought the kittens with her:


they are still a couple of weeks too young to leave mama, and mom knew that zu would enjoy playing with the meow-meowies for a week. 

i got my haircut

i tried to get a better picture, but my eyes are so tired all my pictures looked sad. i’m glad i went for something different; i love my new style and it helps to like my haircut when i don’t fit into any of my clothes. last time i was postpartum i wore fall clothes, so right now i alternate wearing maternity stuff (too big) and baggy regular clothes (too tight). luckily i still have a few weeks before going back to school, and my babies don’t care if i wear a t-shirt everyday.

~ the little one
zu has been busy with playdates and visiting family this week. her new thing is to say “i cry” all the time. for example, i might say “zu, time for bath” and she’ll inform me that she will cry if she has a bath: “i cry”. then she’ll work up some tears to prove that she will indeed cry. oh the drama.

she has been playing “mommy” all week. this means putting her babies (various lambs and dolls) to bed, covering them up in their cribs, giving them stuffed animals to sleep with, sometimes nursing them, and singing our bedtime song to them (it’s much longer than this, but the part she remembers is “peace, peace, baby, peace peace”).  it is amazing to see how God built nurturing into our systems so early!

~ the littlest
june had her six week check up early last week and she weighs 9lbs 12oz now and is 22 inches long. that girl has grown an entire two inches in five weeks! the doctor said she’s 59th percentile for weight and 86th for height, and she’d be surprised if june grows up to be any less than 5’10. i  am of course very proud–i hope my girls are very tall, i always wished for a few extra inches myself.

like with zu, by the six week mark june has started to get into a rhythm at this almost-six-week mark. she slept 5 and a half hours last night straight–oh and i feel marvelous!

~ in the kitchen
this week i tried out a new recipe of a soup one of our friends brought us right after june was born– sweet brunswick stew. i made it in the crockpot, and this recipe is pretty close to how i made it, i just made a few little variations.

~ favorite links this week 
organizational hacks for the rest of us | conversion diary
the just-wait mom | carrots for michaelsmas

” . . . in each season I am pushed to my absolute limits. It is all the hardest. And it is all the best. And I never want to invalidate the parenting struggles of another woman who is also tackling the most difficult thing she has ever experienced with the insinuation that my lot is harder. And mamas, I think this motherhood thing gets a little bit easier each day that goes by. Not because the circumstances are easier, but because motherhood transforms me. It makes me capable of things I never thought I could do.”

4 thoughts on “weekly miscellany: vol. 7”

  1. I LOVE your haircut!!! It looks gorgeous! It is perfect for you. I am hoping I can get a new style later in the fall, maybe October or November. Yours looks so good!

    I loved that “organizational hacks for the rest of us” post. I'm normally a very organized person (and I know you are, too) but with children there are just certain things that AREN'T going to be organized according to my preference all the time so it was comforting reading about options to keep the house clean without needing perfectly labeled storage containers.


  2. thanks! i need to get a picture of it down, she did a good job on my layers so its all wavy like it should be ;)and that article blew my mind–WHY have i wasted all this time folding washclothes??



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