six years together

sunday bryan and i celebrated our six year anniversary

our first valentines together, when we were nineteen

we started dating midway through our freshmen year of college and were married senior year. i remember noticing him the first week of school and thinking how cute and cool he was. we were both immediately “dating” other people.

at an outdoor concert, i randomly ended up sitting behind him and the girl he was dating at the time, and i thought “why am i always dating dorky guys like the one i’m dating now? why do cute boys like bryan like goth girls? i wonder if i could be goth. no. nope. but i can wear my supercool striped pants” (just an example of my eighteen year old self’s inner dialogue, in case you were curious). 

we were in the same freshmen get-to-know-each-other group, so i would see him pretty often but i thought he was just completely out of my league.

then over christmas break, i was shopping in target with my sisters and i got a phone call from a number i didn’t recognize. i answered, shocked that a boy was calling me, and, holding my hand over the speaker, whispered to karen “oh my goodness, THE cutest and coolest boy at union is ASKING ME OUT!!!”  so i said yes and we did go to the dance together and the rest is history.

i’m so thankful that we met young and married young–i feel like we’ve been able to grow up together. i’ve seen him grow up into a strong christian man, humble and servant-hearted, a spiritual leader for me and our daughters, and he’s changed me too, for the better. so much of what i’ve done in life i know i wouldn’t have had the courage to do if he hadn’t been by  my side.

so, all that to say, i’m grateful for my marriage to the CUTEST and COOLEST boy in school!

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