june at 2 months

our sweet littlest one turned two months old a couple of days ago.

at two months she loves cuddling with mama, taking baths, smiling at daddy and sissy, and nursing.

she is not such a big fan of sleeping (or sitting for very long) in her bassinet or bouncy and we’ve not even tried the crib.

last week she decided that daddy isn’t so bad, and that has made the couple hours that i’m at work on tuesdays/thursdays a lot easier for bryan.

zu loves watching her sissy and playing with her–tummy time is pretty much their only game, but sometimes zu thinks june is trying to play with her when june accidentally swings her arm her way.

her eyes are dark blue, just like zu’s at this age, she’s got her daddy’s dimples, and, oh yes, did i mention, this girl has got some hair?

4 thoughts on “june at 2 months”

  1. She is one adorable baby! I love her hair, too – it's like a dark honey color! She is looking more and more like Big Sister! That first picture, especially, reminds me of Zu.



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