happy double, zuzu!


 my sweet girl turned two years old on monday! we took her to the aquarium in chattanooga to celebrate. it was the perfect weather so we got there a little early and played in the water outside the aquarium until they opened. zu especially loved seeing the butterflies, penguins and turtles. we took her out for a burger and icecream for lunch, then went to the aquarium for another hour, then went back home. zu had such a good day she sang to us the entire drive back. then we had to go to bed a little early on account of having sung through naptime! zu is loving this birthday week–her party is on saturday, so she’s been singing happy-double everyday.

it really is hard to believe that my baby is two now–these two years have gone so quickly! life with kids is life in warpspeed. i’m so happy to be zu’s mommy–i couldn’t ask for a sweeter toddler.

1 year old

:: zu’s birthday survey ::

 favorite food: toast, ketchup, baked beans, crackers, pickles, “double”

 favorite sport: jumping! running!

 favorite show: too cute, mickey mouse, thomas the train

 favorite color: purple

 favorite song: “around and around” by daddy

 favorite game: around-and-around, corresponding with the song

favorite places to go: the park, the library, the mall

favorite book: go dog go, the jesus storybook bible, onefishtwofish

2 years old!

favorite things to do: sing, play with “babies,” take baths with sister, color with crayons and chalk, play in the “bubbles” outside

favorite way to relax: drinking a “cold nonny” (milk) while watching meowies (too cute, kittens edition)

friends: izzy, makayla

favorite people: gaggi, kakki

favorite toys: mommy baa baa, baby zuzu, little baby girl, baby meow-meow and mommy meow-meow 

3 words that describe you: sweet, smart, energetic

5 thoughts on “happy double, zuzu!”

  1. Happy birthday, Zuzu! And, please, enlighten me on how you bathe a toddler and an infant together! Right now, Tyson bathes Milo and I bathe Linus while Milo is getting his pajamas on and then we all read a story together. It's all we've been able to come up with.


  2. i just put june's whale baby bathtub in our bathtub, filled up june's tub and the tub around june's tub, then june goes in the baby bathtub while zu goes in the big bathtub. they really love it! they giggle at each other and zu washes june's legs and belly with a washcloth while i wash their hair. its really sweet sister time =)


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