while looking over manuscripts of unpublished rhyme

it has been a while since i’ve written anything about writing because it has been a long time since i’ve written. i broke the hiatus last night though by finishing my first poem in four months! the poem has been brewing over the past month, in quick-jotted notes and cross-outs and rewrites and almost unreadable things i wrote with my left-hand because i was holding june with my right.

i think for some writers it is good to take a break from writing, but for me it is not an excellent thing. to slow down, to write mostly unfinished drafts in my notebook, to read far more than i write, those are all good productive-in-their-own way, quelling-up kind of things. and i consider them all part of writing.

but complete breaks sap at me. so even with my schedule as busy as it is, i’m going to try to make five minutes of writing time every other day. that is a pretty low, achievable goal. because, being honest, if i decide my goal is going to be an hour writing at starbucks even once a week, i know that isn’t going to happen. someone will get sick, someone will get busy, papers will need to be graded, dinner will not be made, we’ll have appointments, family in town, who knows! someway it won’t happen.

five minutes can happen though. if i can find five minutes for a shower everyday, i’m pretty sure i can do this.

and i’m just going to try the basics–reading poetry, writing poetry. editing, submitting, manuscripting–that will be for the spring (maybe…). right now i just need to put pen to paper.


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